Nancy Bentley: The First Australian Female Sailor

AUTHOR : Tracey HawkinsILLUSTRATOR : Jacqui GrantfordNancy Bentley was bitten by a snake on the shores of Port Arthur in Tasmania. There was no medical help nearby so Nancy's father rowed her out to the HMAS Sydney in the bay. In 1920 women were not allowed on naval vessels. In order to comply with regulations Nancy Bentley was enlisted into the Royal Australian Navy. Nancy was six years of age and the first female to be inducted into the Royal Australian Navy. The Navy looked after her for eight days before discharging her because she was 'required by her parents'. A moving and fascinating true story.PAGES : 32AGE : 4 - 7 yearsRELEASE DATE : 31st October 2011


ISBN : 978-1-921042-76-8PRICE : $24.99Buy Now

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