Zen Tails: A First Book of Wisdom - Wisdom Is Listening

AUTHOR : Peter WhitfieldILLUSTRATOR : Nancy BevingtonThe Zen Tails First Book of Wisdom is subtitled Wisdom is listening. In the book Pierre Potamus listens to the birds and Bruno Beagle listens to the wind as he flys his kite. Monkey doesn't listen and he is bored - Monkey becomes all tied up, because he doesn't listen. It is so familiar. Wisdom is not book learning or worldly knowledge - it is as the Quakers call it "The still silent voice within". It is that voice that speaks to us and says "No don't do that". When we don't heed its warning and spend the next few years recovering we say "I new I should not have..." Really listening is a state of wisdom.AGE : 2 - 4 yearsRELEASE DATE : 1st May 2008

Board Book

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