Teaching Notes

Alice and the Airy Fairy

Mary the airy fairy is coming to stay with Alice and her family. Is she a real fairy? Or is she just a free spirit who needs Alice’s help?AUTHOR : Margaret ClarkILLUSTRATOR : Emma StuartDOWNLOAD NOTES

Benji the Buccaneer

Benji is offered the chance of his dreams – to skip school and become a pirate for a day. But after battling sea monsters and searching for haunted buried treasure, he discovers that being a good pirate requires just as much learning as school.AUTHOR : Craig CormickILLUSTRATOR : Bill HopeDOWNLOAD NOTES

Eddie Pipper

Eddie Pipper loves his penguin. He is not a real penguin. He is not allowed one of those. Eddie has to make do with his special papier-mâchépenguin. But what do the other kids think of his penguin when he brings him to school for show and tell?AUTHOR : Janeen BrianILLUSTRATOR : Emma StuartDOWNLOAD NOTES

Ferret on the Loose

Lucy has been training her pet ferret, Flash, for the annual Fastest Fearless Ferret Race. But as the competition approaches, Flash is nowhere to be found. Did he run away? Or was Flash ferret-napped?AUTHOR : Heather GallagherILLUSTRATOR : Benjamin JohnstonDOWNLOAD NOTES

Gertie the Witch

Gertie is very pleased with herself. She has turned the postman into a pig. The postman’s two children are not so pleased. They are determined to break Gertie’s spell.AUTHOR : Valerie ThomasILLUSTRATOR : Janet WolfDOWNLOAD NOTES

Hubert and the Magic Glasses

Sadly, the Able Ants are not the best soccer team in the country. Hubert does not help. He enjoys his soccer, but struggles to maintain his skills. Maybe magic glasses are the answer? At the very least they might stop Hubert mistaking the dog food for breakfast cereal.AUTHOR : Candice Lemon-ScottILLUSTRATOR : Joe SpellmanDOWNLOAD NOTES

Katie and The Leprechaun

Katie is surprised to discover a feisty leprechaun lurking in her local park. Together they go off on an adventure to hunt down the ideal footwear for a leprechaun shoe maker.AUTHOR : Kathryn EnglandILLUSTRATOR : Emma StuartDOWNLOAD NOTES

Silver the Silly Sorcerer

Silver is a struggling sorcerer. After failing his Eggs test, silver is sent to work as a magician at the circus. Will Silver be able to prove he is a real sorcerer like Merlin?AUTHOR : Candice Lemon-ScottILLUSTRATOR : Janet WolfDOWNLOAD NOTES

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