Denise Ortakales


Denise has been an illustrator since 1997, working in sculpted paper. Lately gouache and watercolor have caught her fancy 'When I look at art, I’m moved by evocative colors and rich textures. I swoon over expressive line and quirky hand lettering. These are things I strive for in my work'.
A life-long resident of the beautiful granite state (that's New Hampshire for the rest of you), she is in daily awe of the surrounding lakes and mountains. On weekends you may find us cruising the lake in our Amphicar (an amphibious vehicle from the sixties.) Chocolate milk is her comfort-food of choice, and - don't judge - She enjoys watching the Real Housewives of Anywhere. She shares her life with her husband of 39 years, and their chihuahua, Lily. She has two grown sons.

Books by this Illustrator

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