Seal Child

While a child searches for a place to call home, she is befriended by a seal. This lyrical tale is one of hope and friendship. Illustrator Anna Pignataro has captured the drama of the sea and sky, creating the perfect backdrop to Robert Vescio’s enchanting story.


Ash Invites Her Friends to Tea

Ash loves listening to her grandpa’s stories. When he tells her about some magic leaves, mysterious animals start to appear!
A charming tale of family love, traditions and tea time friends.


Dear Badger

Dear Badger loves helping all his special animal friends. But, one day, he needs help ...
An enchanting tale about kindness, gratitude and friendship.


Mr Bat Wants a Hat

Mr Bat is missing something. Something important. A HAT! He WANTS A HAT! Soon he finds the perfect pink hat with pretty roses and covered in GLITTER. But this hat belongs to someone else... Which doesn't bother him AT ALL. Or does it?


My First Book of Aussie Animals

Can you find all the Aussie animals? This vibrant lift-the-flap book features an animal hiding on each page spread. The bright, bold illustrations are accompanied by interesting yet accessible facts about the hidden animals. Children will love learning about Australia's fascinating wildlife.


Dandy and Dazza

Dandy and Dazza are different in so many ways. Dandy is a best in show sort of hound. Dazza is a rough and tumble sort of mongrel. Can these very different dogs ever be friends?


The Little Pirate Queen

Lucy sails across the sea fixing her small, rickety raft hoping to reach Far Away Island.
But when a gigantic wave sweeps the other children away, The Little Pirate Queen is determined to rescue everyone.


Amira's Suitcase

It begins with a tiny seed growing inside a suitcase. With Amira’s care, the tiny seed starts to sprout. Find out what happens when kindness flourishes...
Amira’s Suitcase is a gentle, thought-provoking tale about friendship and hope.


The Best Mum

There are so many AMAZING mums in the world: the chefs, the singers, the athletes. But every mum does one special thing that makes her The Best Mum.
What makes YOUR mum the BEST mum?


Ten Little Yoga Frogs

Yoga Frogs love to have fun trying all the different yoga poses. Can you count the different yoga frogs, and try out all the yoga poses?


A Home for Luna

When Luna washes up on a strange shore she is scared and lonely.
She soon discovers there is beauty in her new land, and along the way makes unexpected friends.
But will she ever feel at home in a place so different from the one she remembers?

Winner of The Chidlren's International Rubery Book Award 2020.


Under the Same Sky

Two children on opposite sides of the world crave friendship.
Is it possible to be friends across the miles?


In My Dreams

A child’s imagination takes him on a fantastic dream journey as he sleeps at night.
He finds fruit flavoured rainbows, makes mischief with monkeys, flies his dragon to faraway places and chases the night shadows away.
A magical tale to delight all ages.


Twelve Days of Kindness

One little girl realises that the new girl in her class is struggling to make friends.
With the help of their football coach they come up with a plan.
Can their school football team bring them together, and expand their friendship group?


Marvin and Marigold: A Stormy Night

On a wild and stormy night Marvin and Marigold are scared.
The wind rattled windows, whistled and whirled as lightning bolts cracked and thunderclaps swirled.
Will they make it through the night?


Marvin and Marigold: A Christmas Surprise

On the first day in December Marigold Mouse receives a surprise gift.
She can't wait to share her excitement with her best friend Marvin.
In the second picture book in the Marvin and Marigold series Mark Carthew's evocative verse expresses the spirit of the festive season, and Simon...


My Summer with Grandad

Eric loves spending summers with his grandad. This summer is even more special because grandad gives Eric a very important job on his old fishing boat. Chief Seagull Shoo-er! But when Eric and grandad rescue Beaky, a baby seagull, Eric isn’t sure he wants to see his new friend fly away.


Three Dancing Frogs

Get lost in a mesmerising bushland performance.
This dramatic ballet is sure to be met with thunderous applause.


The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes: The Tumbling Tortoises

The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes 2: The Tumbling Tortoises

Zinnia Jakes has won the Wildside Zoo's endangered animals competition with her cute tortoise cupcake idea! But when she does more research about tortoises, one of her classmates starts asking too many questions... Can...


Bears Don't Wear Shoes

Suzy's family has moved house and everyone is just TOO BUSY to play with her.
Eager for someone to play with, Suzy puts up a 'Friend Wanted' advert.
When Bear shows up he seems perfect for the job... Until he refuses to wear shoes.
Can Suzy and Bear still be best friends if Suzy loves shoes but Bear ABSOLUTELY won't wear them?


Into the Wild

Roman is a lone wanderer and the wild is his to explore.
Yet despite his amazing adventures and fascinating discoveries, Roman is still searching for something.
Is being alone really the only choice for a wanderer?


Scoop McLaren: Waves of Mystery

Scoop McLaren 2: Waves of Mystery

Feisty detective editor, Scoop McLaren, is back and this time the mystery has her sailing into uncharted waters! When Fletcher, Scoop's childhood friend enters the Higgity Harbour top surfing competition, strange things start happening... It looks like someone could be out to stop Fletcher from winning! With her roving reporter, Evie, by her side, Scoop investigates all avenues. Can she track down and rescue her friend to solve this monster wave...


Ruby and Graham

Ruby loves fun while Graham loves organising.
In their own unique ways, they make sure that Acorn Wood is a beautiful and lively place.
But when Graham decides to party all the time like Ruby, the chaos and confusion in the wood gets out of hand.
Who will step up to set things right?


Little Puggle's Song

A lonely echidna searches for his voice.
Every time Puggle tries to make sound nothing comes out.
Can Puggle find his voice and join the bush choir?
Selected as a Notable Early Childhood Book of the Year by The Children's Book Council of Australia in 2020.


Little White Fish Under the Ocean

How deep is the ocean?
Little White Fish is curious.
But his friends Little Goldfish, Little Turtle and Octopus warn him: the ocean is very deep and very dangerous.
Yet Little White Fish wants to know...


Leaping Lola

Lola loves to dance.
She flounces and bounces all day long, practising for the Black and White Ball.
But she is a brown Jersey cow, not a black-and-white cow.
Can she disguise herself and have a spin on the dance floor?
Selected as a Notable Early Childhood Book of the Year by The Children's Book Council of Australia in 2020.


The Sloth and the Dinglewot

When Samuel the Sloth feels brave enough to leave his cosy hut, he meets the mysterious Dinglewot.
Together they discover incredible places, and Samuel will learn that overcoming fears and doubts means more adventures, friendships and happiness.


Who's Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf?

The Quite Nice Wolf doesn’t fit in with the local wolf pack.
He commences training to become a proper wolf - one that’s BIG and BAD.
Can Wilfred help the wolf pack with their master plan?

Included in the Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge Book Collection 2020.


Boo Loves Books

Some dogs are shy and anxious and so are some children.
Can Boo and Phoebe turn their fears into a positive experience?
A charming story of friendship between a shy little girl and a huge, gentle rescue dog.


Little White Fish and his Daddy

Little White Fish has a lot of friends.
And they all have amazing dads: one dad is super strong, one is the biggest of all, one is clever and one is funny.
But of course Little White Fish's daddy is very good at something too...


Gregory Goose is on the Loose! At the Fair

Gregory Goose is on an adventure at the fair.
But he is playing hide-and-seek.
Can you help find him?


The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes: The Crumbling Castle

The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes 1: The Crumbling Castle

When Zinnia Jakes gets a new pastry order for a special medieval crumbling cake, she has no idea where to start! It needs to be ready in less than a day for the school fair and the clock is ticking. Will she deliver it on time...


Bear Was There

The first thing Mouse felt was love, as he lay in the warmth of his mother’s fur.
Then one day, Mouse meets Bear.
He feels frightened, but what if Bear is not as scary as he seems...


Gregory Goose is on the Loose! Up the Mountain

Gregory Goose is on an adventure up the mountain.
But he is playing hide-and-seek.
Can you help find him?



A gentle tale about reaching for the stars and being extraordinary... but remembering the ordinary too.
Extraordinary! celebrates the best moments in life: the ones we share with friends and family.
They may be simple, they may be ordinary, but they are moments we will cherish forever.


Eco Rangers: Wildfire Rescue

Eco Rangers 3: Wildfire Rescue

There’s been a devastating wildfire in the bushland and Ebony and Jay, our Eco Rangers, are doing their best to find injured animals. As they rescue a cute little possum with burned paws, they also discover that some people have been camping in the area that was devastated by the fire. What were they doing there? This is a mystery for the Eco Rangers!

Eco Rangers is an action-packed series centred around two best friends, who...


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