Let's Go! On a Rocket

Two friends enjoy an adventure on a rocket as they head into space.


Gregory Goose is on the Loose! On the Moon

Gregory Goose is heading into space. Can You find him?



As winter leaves tumble and twirl a wisp of memory wraps itself about me and whispers me back to long ago...


Twelve Days of Kindness

One little girl realises that the new girl in her class is struggling to make friends. With the help of their football coach they come up with a plan. Can their school football team bring them together, and expand their friendship group?


Pip Finds a Home

After a long journey over the seas, Pip arrives at the South Pole. But as he meets his fellow penguins, he realises he is not quite the same as them. What makes him different ... and does it matter?


The Caveman Next Door

Trying to fit into the modern world when you are a caveman isn't easy. Ogg always seems to get things wrong, with hilarious results. Poor Ogg, he just wants to fit in. Luckily he has his best friend Penny to help him.


The Aussie ABC Christmas

Going to the beach, eating ice cream and having a barbeque are just some of the things that make an Aussie Christmas great. Explore the Australian way of celebrating Christmas whilst navigating each letter of the alphabet. With kangaroos, koalas, the opera house and the harbour bridge – learning the alphabet has never been so much fun!


Santa's High-Tech Christmas

Santa has discovered high-tech gear. With his techno-pad, a flip-top roof on his sleigh, a soft reclining seat and a rocket pack, he is well prepared to deliver presents for Christmas Day. But as things start to go wrong, Santa needs help from a young girl so that all the presents get delivered on time.


Mr Darcy and the Christmas Pudding

Mr Darcy loves making his famous Christmas pudding. But what happens when Mr Collins drops by unexpectedly?


Santa's Tight Squeeze

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa finds many treats left for him while delivering presents throughout the world. But as Santa keeps eating, his belt gets a bit tighter each time. Will he still fit down the chimney?


The Night Before Christmas

This classic Clement Clarke Moore poem is given new life with beautiful illustrations by Helene Magisson. The perfect book to celebrate the joy of the festive season.


Little Puggle's Song

A lonely echidna searches for his voice. Every time Puggle tries to make sound nothing comes out. Can Puggle find his voice and join the bush choir?


Under the Same Sky

Two children on opposite sides of the world crave friendship. Is it possible to be friends across the miles?


Who's Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf?

The Quite Nice Wolf doesn’t fit in with the local wolf pack. He commences training to become a proper wolf - one that’s BIG and BAD. Can he help the wolf pack with their master plan?


Emily Green's Garden

Emily Green lives in a perfectly lovely house, in a perfectly lovely street where people are always busy and bustling, hurried and hustling.
One day Emily Green decides she wants to bring the outside into her home. She catches a glimpse of something green on the pavement, and visits the library to learn more about plants.
Soon she has created something magical. She just needs to share it with others ...


Eva's Imagination

Eva doesn’t know what an imagination is.
With the help of her dog, Chops, Eva goes on a hunt to find it.

A delightful story about the power of the imagination.


Hodge Podge Lodge

The Pigwigs live happily in Hodge Podge Lodge, making lots and lots of mess. But they never think about where their rubbish goes... until their neighbours decide enough is enough. Can Little Miss Pigwig's nifty new idea help solve the problem of all that rubbish?
A lively story about taking care of our environment and the importance of recycling.


A Home for Luna

When Luna washes up on a strange shore she is scared and lonely. She soon discovers there is beauty in her new land, and along the way makes unexpected friends. But will she ever feel at home in a place so different from the one she remembers?


Scaredy Cat

A little girl shows how far she will go to protect her four-legged friend.


Scoop McLaren: Detective Editor

What do you do when an evil newspaper editor wreaks havoc in a quiet coastal town? Sonny Fink writes online news that is uploaded at one minute past midnight every night. The news is always frightfully awful and if Sonny writes it, it is bound to happen. Thirteen-year-old detective and reporter Scoop McLaren and her best friend Evie are set on a mission to uncover the identity of the evil Sonny Fink.


Max's Dinosaur Feet!

Max has dinosaur feet. He must not wake the baby. Stomp! Stamp! Smash! Oh dear! How can he and his family keep their feet quiet, and the baby asleep?


Can You Find? On The Farm

Explore all the wonderful things on the Farm. Can you find them all at the end? A fun, visually stimulating book to promote early learning and reading


Can You Find? In The Forest

Explore all the wonderful things in the forest. Can you find them all at the end? A fun, visually stimulating book to promote early learning and reading


Eco Rangers: Microbat Mayhem

Eco Rangers 2: Microbat Mayhem

The Eco Rangers, Ebony and Jay, are having so much fun at the local adventure park. But when they find two abandoned baby bats, they rescue them right away. Then they discover more microbats inside an old rollercoaster ride. Can the Eco Rangers save the animals in time before the ride is destroyed?

Eco Rangers is an action-packed series centred around two best friends, who rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife through their...


Can You Find 12 Busy Bees?

Following on from the award-winning Can You Find Me?, Can You Find 12 Busy Bees? brings children closer to nature and the environment. In this elegant picture book children will enjoy learning to count with the gorgeous flora and fauna on every page.


Little White Fish is So Happy

Little White Fish is so happy. Mummy is coming to take him home! First he must say goodbye to his friends – but where will he find them? In a shell? Under a leaf? Behind a stone?  A playful book about prepositions.


Ron the Royal Guard

Ron finds himself in a spot of bother when he needs to leave his post. Can the corgi's help Ron, and fool the Queen? This gleeful tale will delight young and old.


The Bug Collector

George loves bugs. Small ones, leggy ones, ones that glow. So he decides to become the world's best bug collector. But fabulous creatures aren't meant for life in a bottle.


Is It The Way You Giggle?

Everyone is special in their own way.
What makes you special?
Is it the way you giggle or the way you wiggle?

A heartwarming picture book that celebrates our differences.


Leaping Lola

Lola loves to dance. She flounces and bounces all day long, practising for the Black and White Ball. But she is a brown Jersey cow, not a black-and-white cow. Can she disguise herself and have a spin on the dance floor?


Lucia and Lawrence

Lucia is creative, and Lawrence loves numbers. Can they find a middle ground and stay friends?


Marvellous Mummy

From being brave to being silly, Mummy makes every moment special.


Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas

When Tom visits his aunt he meets her pug Ellie.
Ellie is no ordinary pug. Wherever Tom's aunt goes, her pug must go too. His aunt dresses Ellie up for every outing.
Tom finds Ellie strange but she makes friends wherever she goes. Tom makes no friends.
He realises something has to change.


Eco Rangers: Pelican in Peril

Eco Rangers 1: Pelican in Peril

When Ebony and Jay, the famous Eco Rangers, rescue a frightened-looking pelican covered in fuel, they know something terrible has happened. Why is the sea full of petrol? And where does it come from? As the Eco Rangers start investigating, they end up getting into big trouble. Join them on their mystery-solving adventures! Eco Rangers to the rescue!

Eco Rangers is an action-packed series centred around two best friends, who rescue and...


Little White Fish has a Party

Little White Fish is getting bigger! Today he is turning two, and all sorts of sea creatures are coming to his party: round and skinny ones, long and short ones, and straight and curved ones too. A playful book about opposites for children.


Little White Fish

Little White Fish is crying. He can’t find his mummy. But the sea is full of friendly creatures: a yellow snail, a green turtle, a blue whale ... and Little White Fish's mummy can't be far away.
A playful book about colours.


The Day Henry Met... Numbers

Join Henry as he learns to count to five - and meets some fun new friends along the way!


The Day Henry Met... The ABC

Join Henry as he meets all the letters of the alphabet in a fun-filled journey.


The ABC of Musical Instruments

Join these lovable animals as they play musical instruments in the perfect first alphabet book.

Jane Austen, the world famous author, spent most of her life in Hampshire. Its houses, countryside and people inspired her writing. The book design draws on the repeating pattern of oak leaves from a Pelisse Coat in the care of Hampshire Cultural Trust which is thought to have belonged to Jane Austen.

Published in association with Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

123 Tea Party

Join Fox as he prepares a magnificent tea party for all his friends in this perfect first counting book.

Jane Austen, the world famous author, spent most of her life in Hampshire. Its houses, countryside and people inspired her writing. The book design draws on Jane's love of gardens, the flowering plants grown in Hampshire during her lifetime, and by Jane's own garden at Chawton.

Published in association with Hampshire Cultural Trust and Jane Austen House Museum.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

The Arsenal 123

Kick off with the Arsenal and discover all the fun items you can count in this entertaining board book.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

The Arsenal ABC

Join the Arsenal team as they take you through the letters of the alphabet in an action-packed board book.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

Holly the Honeybee Dancing Star

Holly the honeybee is the dancing star of her hive: she waggles, she wiggles, and she waggles again. But is there a secret message in Holly’s waggle dance? And could it help the bees survive through a long, hot summer?


Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Kraken Hunt

Keeper of the Crystals 8: Eve and the Kraken Hunt

During a walk to the headland near Marigold Beach, Eve introduces Oscar to her new friend, an endangered octopus she has been visiting for the last three days. But soon after, Eve and Oscar are transported to another world. Eve finds...


Sage Cookson's Snow Day

Sage Cookson's Snow Day 8

Sage and her family are off to the snow, and she has promised that she will stay out of danger. But when her friend Kyle goes missing, it looks like adventure has come to find her once again...

Sage Cookson is a ten-year-old with a pretty different lifestyle. Her parents are television chefs with, unsurprisingly, a passion for food. They spend a lot of their time travelling Australia and the world sampling the food, learning new cooking...


Happily Ever After: Beauty and the Beast

On a dark day Beauty sets out to meet the Beast in his castle. Can she put her fear aside and see through the appearance of the Beast?

Helene Magisson brings this story to life with her stunning illustrations.


Marvin and Marigold: A Stormy Night

On a wild and stormy night Marvin and Marigold are scared.

The wind rattled windows, whistled and whirled as lightning bolts cracked and thunderclaps swirled.

Will they make it through the night?


Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Rebel Fairies

Keeper of the Crystals 7: Eve and the Rebel Fairies

When Eve discovers a miniature pink door and a fairy crystal something strange begins to happen. Behind the door Eve and her friend Oscar are greeted by a green-faced pixie, and taken into an enchanted world. Orla, Queen of the...


Sage Cookson's Stormy Weather

Sage Cookson's Stormy Weather 7

The Cooksons are off to the tropics for sunshine, swimming and seafood galore. But what happens when they find themselves in the middle of a tropical cyclone?

Sage Cookson is a ten-year-old with a pretty different lifestyle. Her parents are television chefs with, unsurprisingly, a passion for food. They spend a lot of their time travelling Australia and the world sampling the food, learning new cooking techniques and then sharing...


The Brave Knight

Determined to protect his castle and its occupants, a little boy stands guard against enemy knights.


What Should a Horse Say?

Farmer Rochelle owns a cow that says moo moo, a sheep that says baa baa, a chicken that says chick chick and a horse that says ... chick chick!
What on earth could be wrong with Farmer Rochelle’s horse?
A playful farmyard story full of animal friends and the noises they make.


Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles

Ava is not keen to wear her glasses in front of her friends. That is, until her teacher convinces her that the characters is fairy tales would have been much better off if they had been wearing their glasses.


Mr Pegg's Post

Anna and her parents live in a lighthouse, surrounded by the ocean, far from neighbours and friends. Their only visitor is Mr Pegg, the postman. But when Mr Pegg needs help with his deliveries, Anna comes to the rescue. Maybe she will find some friends after all.


Rose's Red Boots

One bright autumn morning Rose and her cheeky companion, Banjo, head off to fly their kite.
"The little red boots went marching, marching, marching.
The little red boots went marching merrily on their way ..."


Baby Band

On a normal day, a baby creates mayhem in an apartment block.
Diane Jackson’s words express her passion for music, and it’s ability to soothe the soul. Giuseppe Poli brings to life the musical theme in the book, transforming an apartment block into a vibrant community.


The Great Zoo Hullabaloo!

"When Jess and Jack open the gates to the zoo
It was strangely deserted. Nobody said BOO."
Can Jess and Jack discover the mystery of the missing animals?
This magical picture book by award-winning author Mark Carthew, brought to life by Anil Tortop's illustrations, evokes the spirit of adventure in enchanting rhyme.


I Love You

Little Badger’s teacher shares her favourite words with the class. At the end of the day Little Badger goes home to practise saying three special words - I LOVE YOU.


Happily Ever After: The Little Mermaid

A little mermaid must say goodbye to her sea legs if she is to be with her prince.
Owen Swan's ethereal illustrations recreate life and beauty under the sea.


My Sister

This stunning picture book shows the special relationship that exists between two sisters.
Soft, beautiful illustrations and simple text make this the perfect bedtime read.


How Many Dinosaurs Deep

Jim is not quite sure that he’s ready to move from the baby pool to the middle-sized pool. Can a group of splashing, sploshing dinosaurs help him face his fear?


Ash Dresses Her Friends

Ash is feeling lonely. She wishes she had someone to play with.
When a sad elephant comes along, Ash has an idea that will cheer him up. Soon she is sharing her idea with lots of animals in the forest.
A warm-hearted story about sharing with others.

Ages: 3 - 6 years

Yoga Babies

We're the Yoga Babies, look what we can do!
The Yoga Babies love to have fun trying new poses. Sometimes life is busy and tricky, but not to worry! Yoga can help everyone chill out. Follow these babies big and small as they practise yoga at home, in the garden and before bedtime, then you can have a go at home, too!


Marvin and Marigold: A Christmas Surprise

On the first day in December Marigold Mouse receives a surprise gift. She can't wait to share her excitement with her best friend Marvin.
In the second picture book in the Marvin and Marigold series Mark Carthew's evocative verse expresses the spirit of the festive season, and Simon...


Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Hidden Giant

Keeper of the Crystals 6: Eve and the Hidden Giant

Eve is back in Marigold for the holidays. While out bushwalking Eve, Oscar and Ingvar happen upon a strangely shaped rocky outcrop. It looks like a giant’s chair and when Eve sits in it her hand touches upon a small crystal in...


Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Griffin's Gold

Keeper of the Crystal 5: Eve and the Griffin's Gold

Eve knows that the life of a crystal keeper is filled with danger, but this time it’s close to home. When Eve’s grandmother and her best friend Oscar visit Eve at home, a griffin calls for their urgent help. In Dracburn,...


Take Ted Instead

It’s bedtime for one tired little boy. Why should he go to bed when everyone else in the house is still awake? He has a plan to keep himself wide awake ...


My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree

Some people say jelly beans don't grow on trees. Not this little boy ... he believes in magic. He watches his jelly bean tree grow. He feasts on jelly beans and crowns himself the JELLY BEAN KING. A magical tale that will delight all ages.


How Many Dinosaurs Deep

Jim is not quite sure that he’s ready to move from the baby pool to the middle-sized pool. Can a group of splashing, sploshing dinosaurs help him face his fear?


The Last Anzac

This book is based on the true story of a small boy’s visit to meet Alec Campbell in the year 2001. To James, Alec Campbell was a hero. He was right. The old man, the last living ANZAC, and all of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought at Gallipoli, were heroes – everyone’s heroes.

Alec, who died in May 2002 at the age of 103, enlisted in 1915 when he was just 16. He had put his age up to 18 in order to be accepted by the army and agreed to fight at...


Mr Darcy the Dancing Duck

Mr Darcy dreads the first sign of Spring. Flowers blooming means only one thing – dancing season, and Mr Darcy simply cannot dance.

Can Lizzy convince Mr Darcy to take a turn around the maypole?

Mr Darcy the Dancing Duck celebrates the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice.


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