Imagine a Time

Imagine a time when all the world stops,
when all of the clocks no longer tick-tock.
and all of the maps are starting to fade,
as the need to be somewhere drifts far away.

A glorious celebration of nature’s healing powers and a timely reminder for us all to slow down.


Running with Wings

Mimmi loves running. Frankie does too. They both dream of one day running in the biggest, most impressive, spectacular race there is – The Big One. First of all,
there’s the sprint in the school carnival. While Mimmi gets nervous and distracted, Frankie has her own challenges to overcome. But what happens when Frankie
offers Mimmi some important advice?

A story about friendship, a journey and being the best you can be.


Sar Wylda and the Legendary Goldbreaker

On the prehistoric continent of Pangeum one sport dominates all entertainment: DINOBEAST RACING. To compete is to court certain death but for those daring few nothing is more thrilling than seeing the chequered flag drop at Goldbreaker Superspeedway. Sar Wylda is a twelve-year-old girl whose dream is to become a racer. But after losing her eyesight she has had to pursue a different life: one on her family’s farm. Will she have the courage to follow in the footsteps of the greatest racers...


Kodi and the Mystery of Komodo Island

On the Island of Komodo

There was an ancient mystery,
Who ate lizards for its tea.

Join Kodi, the detective Komodo Dragon,
on his adventure to solve this mystery, once and for all.


I'm a Puppy

A brand-new series where little readers can guess which animals are hiding under colourful flaps by reading the clues. Perfect for reading aloud and developing early word recognition, children will want to read these books again and again.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

I'm a Tiger

Find out which jungle animals are hiding in this colourful, interactive lift-the-flap children’s board book with a surprise ending.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

In My Dreams

A child’s imagination takes him on a fantastic dream journey as he sleeps at night.
He finds fruit flavoured rainbows, makes mischief with monkeys, flies his dragon to faraway places and chases the night shadows away.
A magical tale to delight all ages.


Globe Defenders: Rainforest Rescue

When Jess and Jack Rayworth reluctantly enter the gates of their latest school Hilltop Academy, they don’t know they’re entering the training ground for a secret
agency. An agency set up to stop damage inflicted on the planet through the greed of a sinister organisation known as the Lobby. They soon work out that
Hilltop also has something to do with their missing parents. And following their hunch, they are launched into a battle for survival deep in the Amazon...


Little Puggle's Christmas

Christmas in the Australian bush is Puggle’s favourite time of year. All the animals return to decorate the oldest tree, and to prepare for the big day. Every year, Puggle tries to help. But even though Puggle tries hardest, none of the special Christmas jobs seem to suit him.

In despair, Puggle waddles off to his special place where he makes a Christmas wish on the first shooting star ... but is it actually a shooting star? And what is stuck in the billabong?


Under the Red Shawl

Starting out in a new place is tough, but friendship, kindness and imagination help Salim, Mama and Donkey discover their new world. In this stunning picture book, by award-winning creators – Vikki Conley and Martina Heiduczek – we journey with Salim as he grows up creating a new life around him.
This is a story about a journey, hope and creating fun with the little that you have.


Ages: - years

Let's Go! On an Ambulance

Let’s go on an ambulance
To help someone in need,
We have to get there quickly
So we head off at great speed.

Join friends on an ambulance rescue.


Ages: - years

I Spy Treasure!

Captain Snarkle Tooth is a grouchy pirate who likes to spy and steal treasure. Treasure that no one else can see!
Can Billy solve the mystery and learn to spy the sparkly treasure too? And is the villainous pirate as greedy as people think? Or is he taking the sparkles from the sea for a very different reason?


Murder in Velvet

13-year-old Grace loves her new charity shop coat. In fact, it’s perfect. Except for one tiny thing.

When she wears it, she sees visions of the previous owner’s life ... and their murder! Grace and her best friend, Suzy, decide to investigate but digging up the past reveals secrets some people want to keep hidden.

Can Grace stay one step ahead and solve a fifty-year-old murder or will she become the killer’s next victim?

A gripping...


Odelia and the Varmint

‘What if I don’t want to go back to a life of storms and soggy sea biscuits?’ said
Captain Blunderfuss. ‘What if I’d rather stay here and search for
treasure instead?’
When a pair of unruly fictional pirates escape out of their book into Victorian
London, 11-year-old Odelia Hardluck-Smythe’s lonely life is turned upside
down. Captain Blunderfuss and Cook are rude, dangerous and obsessed with
marzipan fruits, but...


Kirra the Koala

Kirra the Koala is the fifth book in the 'Together We Can Change The World' series. A series of seven stories, covering seven continents, with seven important virtues; Love, Courage, Compassion, Kindness, Integrity, Respect and Gratitude. Each book highlights a fundamental core value, whilst simultaneously encouraging children’s responsibility towards Planet Earth. The books’ protagonists are an endangered species from each continent. The fifth book is a delightful story about a girl...


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