Tanja Stephani


Tanja is a freelance illustrator, a sculptor, an artist and a bluegrass bass player, living and working in an old farmhouse, on a mountain in Switzerland, with her pets, husband, children and a fabulous grandmother. She trained as a graphic designer, in the early eighties without a computer, and that’s how she learned everything by hand. Her work steps are to first imagine a character, second to illustrate it on paper, and third bring it to life in three dimensional paperclay. She uses all kind of materials, and loves to explore new media to create too. The magic of giving life to her characters, in illustrations or as three-dimensional figures, gives her a wonderful feeling. When she is not drawing, you can find her in a huge garden, in the forest, on the ground playing with her pets, or sitting together with family and friends playing music.

Books by this Illustrator

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