Globe Defenders - Rainforest Rescue

AUTHOR : Jonny DaymondILLUSTRATOR : Marco GuadalupiWhen Jess and Jack Rayworth reluctantly enter the gates of their latest school Hilltop Academy, they don’t know they’re entering the training ground for a secret
agency. An agency set up to stop damage inflicted on the planet through the greed of a sinister organisation known as the Lobby. They soon work out that
Hilltop also has something to do with their missing parents. And following their hunch, they are launched into a battle for survival deep in the Amazon rainforest, trying to help save someone else’s home and family. But will this help them save their own?
AGE : 9+ yearsRELEASE DATE : 1st March 2024


ISBN : 978-1-922326-95-9PRICE : $16.99Buy Now

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