Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop

AUTHOR : Hazel EdwardsILLUSTRATOR : Pat ReynoldsErnie Dunlop was determined to become a doctor from an early age. Born in Melbourne, he was fascinated with both medical science and physical challenges. Whilst studying medicine he earned the nickname ‘Weary’ and gained a reputation as a dedicated doctor and sportsman. In November 1939, after the outbreak of World War II, Weary signed up for the Australian Army. In April 1942, Weary and his men were captured and became prisoners of war. During this time Weary became known for his leadership and communication skills with the enemy. After the war Weary was committed to caring for war veterans.PAGES : 95AGE : 9 - 13 yearsRELEASE DATE : 11th March 2011


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