Serena Geddes


As a child I enjoyed scribbling on scraps of paper, cardboard boxes and even my parents' piano, which was rather silly considering I signed my name next to my creation. Trying to convince my parents it was their other daughter for the next 45 minutes proved a waste of time and did not lessen the punishment.

In 1996 I began working as an In-betweener for Walt Disney Animation Australia, a career path I never knew existed. Disney offered an intensive 3-month training program and once through, areas such as life-drawing, animal and human anatomy were all part of our learning.

In recent years I found myself interested in children's books and in March 2009 I began my venture on this new path. Within in 3 months I secured my first book and have kept myself busy ever since. I'm excited to say that I now have five books all due for release this year.'

Books by this Illustrator

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