Totally Twins: Tropical Trouble

AUTHOR : Aleesah DarlisonILLUSTRATOR : Serena GeddesTotally Twins 3: Tropical Trouble

Perse is back with a new adventure. Follow her holiday antics in her fabulous diary. Perse is set for a fun and exciting holiday, but there’s just one catch. The girls’ annoying seven-year-old next door neighbour, Dillon Pickleton, is going with them! In Perse’s greatest adventure yet she faces the perils of sailing the open seas, swimming with sharks and a dreaded dance-off. In her own hilarious and inimitable style, Perse deals with issues of popularity, fitting in and finding yourself.
PAGES : 160AGE : 7 - 12 yearsRELEASE DATE : 11th August 2011


ISBN : 978-1-921042-69-0PRICE : $14.99Buy Now

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