Sage Cookson's Snow Day

AUTHOR : Sally MurphyILLUSTRATOR : Celeste HulmeSage Cookson's Snow Day 8

Sage and her family are off to the snow, and she has promised that she will stay out of danger. But when her friend Kyle goes missing, it looks like adventure has come to find her once again...

Sage Cookson is a ten-year-old with a pretty different lifestyle. Her parents are television chefs with, unsurprisingly, a passion for food. They spend a lot of their time travelling Australia and the world sampling the food, learning new cooking techniques and then sharing their new knowledge with their massive television audience. For Sage, this means she gets to embark on adventurous travels with her parent for much of the time.
AGE : 7+ yearsRELEASE DATE : 1st December 2018


ISBN : 978-1-925594-42-3PRICE : $12.99Buy Now

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