Behind the Scenes with Katie Wilson

February 3rd, 2020

I live in a old railway house, in a small town in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. I studied graphic design and illustration, but ended up working in museums for a while before returning to illustration a few years ago. I work in a few different illustration markets alongside children’s books, including pattern design and licensing my work for greeting cards and packaging. I also have an online shop where I sell illustrated cards, prints and accessories -

I fell in love with Penny’s manuscript for Extraordinary! as soon as I read it. I could quite easily spend my days out in nature finding the extraordinary all around me. Many of the images in the book are based on places I love - some of the beach scenes are inspired by the Otago coast near my house, and some of the landscapes are based on places I’ve been. 

I created the illustrations for Extraordinary! using a combination of traditional media and digital. I create textures and elements in watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil, scan them in to the computer and then collage and edit the images digitally. Although the computer is a major part of my process I try to make my illustrations look as handmade as possible.


A gentle tale about reaching for the stars and being extraordinary... but remembering the ordinary too. 
Extraordinary! celebrates the best moments in life: the ones we share with friends and family. 
They may be simple, they may be ordinary, but they are moments we will cherish forever.

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