Ellie the Pug - How to Care for a Pug

April 8th, 2019
How to Care for a Pug by Ellie the Pug

Ellie in her royal carriage!

With my cute face and cheeky charm, you would think I would get whatever I want, whenever I want, but that is not always the case... it should be though!

 Here are my top 5 tips on how to best care for a precious pug like me.

1.     I have a big dog personality and intelligence in a little dog body.  I can often be underestimated.  After all, I invented the term ‘puppy dog face.’ It’s always best just to save time and give in straight away when I am asking for second breakfast, or any treats.

2.     I am small enough for any size house and make a great bed warmer and sofa snuggle buddy, so don’t try to keep me outside or on the floor. It doesn’t take long for me to take over a household and make it my own. My favourite colour is purple if you are thinking at buying me my own cushions and throw rug. You know you are.

3.     Usually, I am very good at training my owners.  I am happy to follow the little humans around as long as they bring enough snacks for us both. Older humans suit me too, as they often choose an activity which involves the least amount of effort on both of our parts. Sometimes I can be energetic however, when it suits me!

4.     Don’t let my neck fat fool you. It is a fact that I am sought after by royalty and my family have infiltrated many noble households.  This practically makes me royalty. Please treat me as such. I wear the crown.

5.     Compared to some other pets, I am excellently behaved around other dogs and small humans. This National Pet Month, make sure you vote Pugs Number 1 for the best pet ever.  Let’s face it, everyone wants to be my BFF. I can sense your emotions and provide you with a comforting nuzzle, and all I need in return is unlimited tummy tickles.
So, you can see how amazing I am and how all the effort to keep me happy is totally worth it. I hope you enjoy having me as a pet as much as I enjoy you serving me. 

It’s a fabulous pug life.

Pugs and Kisses


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