Cover Versions: Bears Don't Wear Shoes

October 13th, 2020
We are extremely excited to be publishing the writing debut from illustrator Sharon Davey. Bear's Don't Wear Shoes is a funny, charming picture book about making new friends with those different from ourselves and learning to respect those differences. Check out some of the different early versions of the Bears Don't Wear Shoes front cover.

The Final Cover

Early Cover Ideas

An Early Cover Sketch

Different Colour Ideas

Suzy's family has moved house and everyone is just TOO BUSY to play with her. Eager for someone to play with, Suzy puts up a 'Friend Wanted' advert.
When Bear shows up he seems perfect for the job... Until he refuses to wear shoes. Can Suzy and Bear still be best friends if Suzy loves shoes but Bear ABSOLUTELY won't wear them?

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