Fleur McDonald and Annie White on their latest book What Should A Horse Say?

December 3rd, 2018
Watch Fleur McDonald read What Should A Horse Say?

Annie takes us through her illustration process behind the expressions for the horse as he is taking his medicine:

On this page, Dr Swan is giving the unfortunate horse some funny tasting medicine, hoping it will help him to stop saying 'chick chick'.

Would the horse be eager to taste the medicine? Does it smell good? Will he open wide? Gargle it? Be totally disgusted?

I settled for an expression that was cautious and a bit worried.

And because the medicine was funny tasting, I thought it should be purple.

Finally , here are some expressions she tried out for when the poor horse is having their temperature taken, compared to the final artwork where it looks a far less surprising procedure!

What Should a Horse Say?

Farmer Rochelle owns a cow that says moo moo, a sheep that says baa baa, a chicken that says chick chick and a horse that says ... chick chick!
What on earth could be wrong with Farmer Rochelle’s horse? A playful farmyard story full of animal friends and the noises they make.


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