How to Illustrate a Humorous Picture Book!

June 28th, 2021
We hear all about how to illustrate a humorous picture book from the super talented Brett Curzon! Illustrator of the laugh-out-loud tale, Dandy and Dazza.

How do you illustrate a humorous picture book?

The answer is, you need to find your inner clown…

Humour is very subjective and what is funny to some, other just hear crickets, so it’s really a personal thing.

I have been a HUGE life long fan of the Muppets and of Jim Henderson, he said  “It all ends in one of two ways: either someone gets eaten or something blows up.” 

I think that’s great advice, although not every book or illustration job lends itself to blowing something up, but you can use his example of extremes. For example like a Grandma parachuting, or something else that you might not see everyday, those are things that make me laugh.

I also like adding little details, that maybe at first are overlooked but the reader sees them the next time round.  You do need find a balance needed so you don’t distract from the story of the book.

A second story can also work, for example in Dandy and Dazza I added the second story of the battle the dogs have with the squirrel, those kind of little elements can add fun and engagement.

Expression on faces and mannerism also add to the humour of any illustration.

Lastly check with your friends and family, get some feedback, it’s good to check if others find it funny too, there’s not point laughing away hysterically to yourself, it scares your loved ones.

We would like to say thank you to Brett for teaching us his wonderful, humorous illustration ways!
Brett can be found on Instagram.

Dandy and Dazza

Dandy and Dazza are different in so many ways. Dandy is a best in show sort of hound. Dazza is a rough and tumble sort of mongrel. Can these very different dogs ever be friends?

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