Pugs Sensation: Are Pugs Planning World Domination?

June 11th, 2018
Pugs Sensation: Are Pugs Planning World Domination?

By Michelle Worthington 

With their cute faces and cheeky charm, Pugs are proving popular all over the internet and tend to be irresistible characters in picture books.  Could this be a secret plot for pugs to take over the world? Let’s look at the 5 major signs. 

1.     Pugs have a big dog personality and intelligence in a little dog body.  They can often be underestimated.

2.     Pugs are small enough for any size house and make great bed warmers and sofa snuggle buddies. It doesn’t take long for them to take over a household and make it their own. 

3.     Pugs are very good at training their owners.  They are happy to follow you around as long as you bring enough snacks for you both and are very good at convincing you to do what they want to do, which often is the activity which involves the least amount of effort on their part. 

4.     Pugs are sought after by royalty and have infiltrated many noble household.  They are also living with celebrities, politicians and heads of state. Who knows what level of influence they have over their decision making?

5.     Pugs are excellently behaved round other dogs and small children. They are everyone’s best friend.Pugs can sense your emotions and provide you with a comforting nuzzle.  Nobody would suspect them of world domination plans.

Who can resist their smooshie, squishy faces and their snorts and grunts? I wouldn’t be surprised if the rise of the Pug continues until everyone in the world is under their complete control. But for now, I must be off, Ellie wants her back rub and a ride in her princess carriage before Tom and I cook her dinner. Don’t worry, I’m sure we are far too smart to let Pugs rule our lives. 

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