Q & A with Serena Geddes

December 10th, 2013

Your book features two iconic buildings, the Sydney Opera House and Big Ben, one of London’s most famous landmarks. Were they a challenge to bring to life on the page?

Yes they were, especially as I’d never drawn buildings or scenery before. I had an idea of how it would look, but I needed to research a lot of images on the Internet to get the detail, lighting and design correct. I even watched some snippets of Peter Pan as Peter, Wendy and the brothers flew around Big Ben.

Lily writes a number of letters in the book. Do you still write letters?

Not as much as I’d like. I used to write letters all the time to my family and who lived in other cities, and when I was young I had pen pals that lived in places like Canada, Fiji and Ireland.

It was exciting receiving a letter in the mail so I would write often. I don’t think we do it enough now days though.

Will you be sending Christmas cards this year?

Yes, I make my own Christmas cards, they are a lot of fun and I know my family and friends really enjoy receiving them.

What is the best thing about Christmas?

I have lots of nieces and nephews and my sister is coming over from London this year so I would have to say seeing my family all together is the best thing for me.
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