Scoop Series Featured on NSW Premier's Reading Challenge

May 13th, 2021
Both Scoop titles, Detective Editor and Waves of Mystery, by the brilliant Helen Castles have been featured on NSW Premier's Reading Challenge! We hope all students picking up the book enjoy the wonderful adventures with Scoop McLaren!

The wonderful picture book, Into the Wild by Robert Vescio has also been chosen for the brilliant booklist. Be sure to bring your magnifying glass along for this wild tale!

Another of our brilliant fiction titles, The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes: The Crumbling Castle has also featured on the challenge! Get your chef whites out at the ready!

Read more about the challenge here:

Scoop McLaren: Detective Editor

What do you do when an evil newspaper editor wreaks havoc in a quiet coastal town? Sonny Fink writes online news that is uploaded at one minute past midnight every night. The news is always frightfully awful and if Sonny writes it, it is bound to happen. Thirteen-year-old detective and reporter Scoop McLaren and her best friend Evie are set on a mission to uncover the identity of the evil Sonny Fink

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Scoop McLaren: Waves of Mystery

Feisty detective editor, Scoop McLaren, is back and this time the mystery has her sailing into uncharted waters! When Fletcher, Scoop's childhood friend enters the Higgity Harbour top surfing competition, strange things start happening... It looks like someone could be out to stop Fletcher from winning! With her roving reporter, Evie, by her side, Scoop investigates all avenues. Can she track down and rescue her friend to solve this monster wave of a mystery once and for all?
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Into the Wild

Roman is a lone wanderer and the wild is his to explore. 
Yet despite his amazing adventures and fascinating discoveries, Roman is still searching for something. 
Is being alone really the only choice for a wanderer?

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The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes: The Crumbling Castle

When Zinnia Jakes gets a new pastry order for a special medieval crumbling cake, she has no idea where to start! It needs to be ready in less than a day for the school fair and the clock is ticking. Will she deliver it on time and remain the undercover secret pastry chef everyone talks about?

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