The Inspiration and Illustrations Behind Clementine’s Walk with Annie White

February 21st, 2022
The marvellous author and illustrator, Annie White, talks to us about the inspiration behind Clementine's Walk!

This is a story about Clementine, a dog who is initially dismissed in exasperation, but who turns out to be the catalyst for bringing her family together.
Clementine’s character is based on our dog, Millie – my first Studio Dog.

Though Millie was a black Labrador and Clementine has a blonde and windblown look, their approach to life was the same, particularly when it came to getting out of the house for a walk.

Millie usually slept under my desk, especially if there was a hint of thunder in the air. Sometimes she would bark suddenly, making me jump and causing my painting to look quite different to the original plan.

This made me wonder what other situations would arise if Millie barked unexpectedly at other people. Maybe there would be jigsaw pieces flying through the air, knitting unravelling across the room, a noisy baby and very grumpy hens.

And so, the idea for Clementine’s Walk came about.

Clementine is intent on finding someone (anyone!) to take her for a walk, so one by one she asks all the members of her family. However, though she means well, her over exuberance and poor sense of timing result in a trail of disarray.

Sadly, for Clementine, everyone is just too busy to pay her any attention.

Clementine’s Walk is about persistence and perseverance as well as the different personalities and pastimes found in everyday family life.

But most of all, it is a story about making time for important things, like going for a walk with your dog and spending time with the people you care for.



Thank you to Annie for writing this wonderful blog post!

You can find Annie on Instagram @anniewhiteillustration and on her website:

Clementine's Walk

Clementine is intent on finding someone (anyone!) to take her for a walk, but everyone is just too busy. When it is finally time to go for a walk, Clementine is nowhere to be found.

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