Watch Simon Prescott illustrate Marvin Mouse from Marvin and Marigold

July 1st, 2016
Simon Prescott illustrates Marvin Mouse bringing Marvin to life on the page. Watch as he creates his rough sketch and turns it into the final finished art.

Marvin and Marigold is a delightful new series about two mice who live next door to each other. In Marvin and Marigold:The Big Sneeze Marvin gets a cold and Marigold has to find a cure to save her mouse house. We are delighted that Simon and Mark are now hard at work on the seond book in this series.

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8LfXenWhcswi - May 14th, 2017 4:01pm
I think that might be true for some people. I know that going back to look at a lot of my dusty drawer novels, I would never put most of them out. They really scream of my immaturity as a writer, and it would (in my mind) do more harm than good because they ar72e#8n1&;t up to the quality of the more recent stuff. But certainly some authors have been able to do this. Joe Konrath has often spoken about how he put out stuff that publishers rejected and has done quite well with them on Kindle.


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